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I love sweets especially icing off of cakes! I love staying home and being a mom even on the days Ava is grouchy and has no nap!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Little Longhorn

Since I knew that college football is now going to be on for a while, I decided to make the most of hearing football on the big screen by dressing up Ava in her little Longhorn uniform. I wish I had the camera and captured her proud daddy as she pranced out into the living room. In a couple of weeks he will get to show her off as we will be driving down to Austin for a game. She will be most spirited sporting her new uniform. I found a miniature Bevo, just what we needed another stuffed animal, but he is Bevo. Look out Ellie and Kitty, you may be replaced soon. I hope the trip goes well. I think we will be renting another house for the weekend. I hope this one does not have loose rats roaming around at night. ....Also Ava hasn't been in the car longer than 2 hours so we will see. Change is good, right? She needs to experience the world and I not freak about her schedule of sleeping, eating, etc. Thank heavens for portable DVD players and Baby Eienstein videos.

GiGi Comes to Visit

GiGi came to visit! I hosted a baby shower for Ashley Belcher on Sat. morning so Jon Jon and Ava got kicked out for the morning and headed out to the mall with GiGi. I am not sure who had the most fun, GiGi or Ava. ....When the cat is away, the mice come out to play! Ava enjoyed getting her ice cream and then got to dig into GiGi's rocky road too. She had fun going to Baby Gap. Thank you GiGi for the new outfit too! We love you GiGi!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sitting Pretty!!

Tootlebug and I met Abbie and Macie at Chick Filet for lunch --gotta love processed chicken, and then followed up with a playdate. It is funny watching two one year olds play. They do a lot of parallel play, playing beside one another, until one of them sees something the other would like to have, then their once best buddy isn't their best bud anymore. Both girls love to play with "Lulu". "Lulu" is the very soft stuffed lamb that Ava is sitting on below. Lulu doesn't do anything like light up or say, "baaaa", but is the favorite anyway. I don't remember who sat on her first, but remember when we both tried to put both girls on for a quick picture and then, baam... both of them went rolling onto the hardwood floor. This was funny to watch!!

Sweet faces. Ava and Macie take a time out and sit pretty for the camera. I was very proud of myself to get them to both be still and understand why photographers make big bucks, am I missing my calling, ha!!